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So the great news is I’m not really jet lagged? Like I’m a lil tired but I was perfectly fine not going to bed until midnight last night. The plane ride from Toronto to Beijing the windows were shut for like 11/13 hours so it was dark and I was able to sleep for like 4 hours and I mentally put myself on China time so I think that helped.
Today my roommate and I explored for like an hour. We walked around the shops and got acquainted with everything (so now we know where the food is). Even though I knew people were going to stare (I’m white and I’m fat) it was still kind of unnerving. I’m not use to people openly staring even when you make eye contact.
It’s really hot out today, like it’s 33/90ish out. If we go back out today I’ll probably take my umbrella so I don’t burn.
We’ve got to go register with the police soon but I don’t have to leave campus to do that which is nice.
I’m amazed by how cheap everything is here. I bought a bottle of Jasmine tea and two pork buns for breakfast and it was 8 yuan which is like $1.50 or so. A lot of drinks are 3 yuan which is like 75 cents or so.
Things are great so far though. I made friends with my roommate and she introduced me to her friends and they’ve kind of adopted me. Things were a little rough for the first couple hours but I’m starting to adjust now.

I’m having Molly tea! (茉莉 means Jasmine and also happens to be my Chinese name)

August 26th 1 note

It’s 31 degrees out I’m so hot I’m going to melt Into a puddle

August 25th 0 notes

My hair is so fluffy this morning
Also first China selfie what up

Good morning Beijing!

August 25th 0 notes

Last one for now, more when I wake up 再见!!

August 25th 1 note

China is so beautiful from the air *_*

August 25th 0 notes

New York to Toronto

August 25th 0 notes

Sup baby boos. I’m in China and everything hurts bc 13 hour flights are the devil

August 25th 5 notes

I am I’m Canada and I’m exhausted. I slept through most of my first flight. Too bad that was the short one.

So I’ll be on a series of planes for the next 16 hours. Enjoy teen wolf and be excellent to each other
See you soon chuckaboos 😘

August 24th 5 notes

Last selfies on American soil until next year


August 24th 0 notes

my mom told me to get some sleep but I misplaced my passport so now I’m having a meltdown