TV: Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Reign
BOOKS: The Giver, The Maze Runner, ciles Reversebang
MUSIC: Bastille, Little Mix, Neon Jungle

+studying abroad in china
My Loves
dylan o'brien, tyler posey, crystal reed, ian nelson, arden cho, shelley hennig

dan smith, jade thirlwall, leigh anne pinnock. kyuhyun cho, sohee ahn, shereen cutkelvin, asami zdrenka

bradley james, luke newberry, cherami leigh, maia mitchell, nina dobrev

About Me
Molly. 21, college senior, anthropology major

she/her, grey pan ace, grey bi aro

kitty lover, mermaid wannabe

My entire tumblr has become pictures of my trip to China
I’m a little sorry but no I’m not

September 2nd 0 notes


September 2nd 0 notes

Ever had peppermint sprite? It’s actually quite good

September 2nd 5 notes


Chrysanthemum tea

September 2nd 3 notes

My dad found my Instagram kill me

September 2nd 2 notes

V v sleepy

I want to go get breakfast but I don’t want to forfeit my seat. It’s a struggle

August 31st 0 notes

xaji pretty anticlimactic???? I had 10 minutes of class and then we went to get books. I’ve got class again in 50 minutes

August 31st 1 note

OMG Kiki /swoons
I will! Thank you so much V…V


new glasses hehe ;u;

P shitty first day of class selfie but what’s up what’s up what’s up


August 31st 2 notes

Enjoy teen wolf for me! I still haven’t seen last weeks episode :(

August 31st 2 notes