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+studying abroad in china
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dylan o'brien, tyler posey, crystal reed, ian nelson, arden cho, shelley henning

dan smith, jade thirlwall, leigh anne pinnock. kyuhyun cho, sohee ahn, shereen cutkelvin

bradley james, luke newberry, cherami leigh

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Molly. 21, college senior, anthropology major

she/her, grey pan ace, grey bi aro

kitty lover, mermaid wannabe

teen wolf meme - 5/7 outfits
↪scott mccall in 3.01 ‘tattoo’

Actual evil person Tyler Posey, disrespecting fans

How do you tell if you’re awake or dreaming?

- Fingers. You count your fingers. You’ve got extra fingers in your dreams.

"Are you here to fight?"



MEGA BABE ALERT!!!!!! EVERYONE PUT YOUR BABE GLASSES ON QUICKLY BECAUSE OTHERWISE HER LEVELS OF BABE COULD BLIND YOU!!!!!! no but honestly can we just. you’re so nice. like you’re just. so. wonderful. and sweet?? and really freaking cute???? and you have a fantastic blog and just. I’m upset about it. I want to squish your face and give you a big bear hug okay.


Underrated Skittles moments 2/?: "Let me in Scott! I can help."

I see that you're always interacting with saranghaeshinee. What do you like most about her? And why. —Anonymous

I like that she’s a giant nerd lord.

For real though, I just love who she is. She’s constantly making me feel good about myself, and she’s also a giant dweeb who sends me pictures of Dylan and Ian. So I can talk to her about silly stuff but also about really serious important stuff and I just think she’s really great.

how do you feel about the mockingjay trailer —Anonymous

lemme go watch it cause I havent yet

It looks good! I hope it comeso ut in China so I can watch it

Anonymous hour. Nothing will be unanswered, ignored or deleted.

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I’m having one of those days

where I’m sitting here in a baggy hoodie and batman boxers, with my hair up in a greasy bun

and I’m just like “wow I’m fucking hot” not even ironically, I’m actually just really fucking hot

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First thing first, you’re a fucking nerd.
Secondly, I love you so much. Like so fucking much. Even if you’re cheating on me with like 45 people and get jealous of my boyfriends.
We got super close really quickly and I’m so glad you’re in my life and I hope you stay in it forever okay 💙💙

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I've been working on the daddy kink sciles for like a day and a half and I still haven't gotten to the nsfw part writing is hard. like damn. —Anonymous


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Are you a Hale? Cause you're on fire —dylanwoahbrien


I laughed really hard then I said I don’t want to be a Hale!

Seduce me with bad pickup lines!

I think Beyonce is overrated. —Anonymous

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